About us

JB Realty focus is on real estate sales and residential property management services within the Australia. We offer a large selection of quality and tailored apartments and houses, helping you buy, sell, rent and manage.


Property Sale

We have different types of properties for sale throughout the Australia, giving clients the largest selection of new build and resale homes.


Property Management

We commit to offering a specialized real estate experience and providing exceptional service to clients that create maximum benefit and personal satisfaction.

Our duties

1. Knowledge of Act and Regulations
An agent must have a knowledge and understanding of the Act and the regulations under the Act and other relevant laws, (including laws relating to tenancy, fair trading, trade practices, anti-discrimination and privacy) as may be necessary to enable the agent to exercise his or her functions as agent lawfully.
An agent must not, at any time, use or disclose any confidential information obtained while acting on behalf of a client or dealing with a customer, unless: (a) the client or customer authorises disclosure, or (b) the agent is permitted or compelled by law to disclose.
3. Fiduciary obligations
An agent must comply with the fiduciary obligations arising as an agent.
4. Honesty, fairness and professionalism
An agent must act honestly, fairly and professionally with all parties in a transaction. An agent must not mislead or deceive any parties in negotiations or a transaction.
5. Skill, care and diligence
An agent must exercise reasonable skill, care and diligence.
6. To act in client’s best interests
An agent must act in the client’s best interest at all times unless it would be contrary to the Act or regulations under the Act or otherwise unlawful to do so.